High-speed railway bridge: Line Amsterdam-Paris, The Netherlands


FDN has been extensively involved in the preparations for the bridge over the Hollandsch Diep River, which is the longest and most discussed bridge on the entire high-speed train line within The Netherlands. FDN has participated not only in bridge construction planning through drafting preliminary designs and specifications of the bridge, but was also responsible for an in-depth risk analysis of ship collision, traveller comfort as well as a 3-dimensional analysis of the effects of ship collision on the different pier foundation designs. The bridge, which construction finished in 2008, has allowed FDN to acquire precious experience in all aspects of the bridge design.

Bridge for the High Speed train line Amsterdam-Paris

Artist’s impression of the High-speed train line bridge over the Hollandsch Diep (Design of Benthem Crouwel Architects and Ove Arup & Partners international) – left figure; The bridge in use -right figure

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